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How To Optimize Any Convenience Store Using Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving, the highly versatile and organized metal units you see in almost any retail store, is a quintessential tool for commercial trade industries. This shelving allows you to maximize the potential of any spatial limitations or configurations, so you can provide immediate access of goods to customers based on your interior design.

Though the importance of quality shelving is sometimes overlooked in retail stores, gondola shelving is a tool that should always be used in convenience applications. So if you're ready to optimize your convenience store's interior, consider how gondola shelving could be useful in your store.

Give Customers Direction

Gondola shelving can follow a couple of classic configurations, either the Racetrack or Power Grid retail layouts.

Racetrack modes of display encourage customers to follow a circuitous route from entrance around to checkout. Racetrack offers you a clean, two-way mode of traffic, and it keeps customers flowing to all aspects of your interior, maximizing the potential for sales.

Power Grid or Power Aisle layouts offer you a chance to create a center aisle where you can branch out each additional aisle based on organizational similarities, seasonal availability, or demand. Power layouts keep things orderly, logical, and tidy.

Organize By Need

Once you've decided which layout works best for your convenience store, you can start organizing your products by need. Gondola shelving is a great way to keep high-demand items visible (with middle shelf or eye-level placement), while organizing uncommon items on lower or upper shelves. If you use a Power Aisle layout, keep seasonal, high-demand, or items with approaching expiration limits toward the front of the aisle so you can get rid of the inventory as quickly as possible.

Keep Things At Arm's Distance

Keeping your products within reach for every range of heights is important to making sales. Gondola shelving allows you to organize products so that everything is at arm's distance for everyone that comes through your door. Since some shelving units can reach beyond average adult height, for convenience stores, you should always consider using gondola shelving that stops just at or above average eye level. Shelving that's six feet or less can also increase the visibility of your patrons, so you can offer assistance when needed and deter the possibility of theft.

When you use gondola shelving in your convenience store, you're using a trade secret that's formulated to keep customers coming back for more. So if you want to optimize your convenience store, you need to start with gondola shelving. Contact a supplier like Continental Store Fixtures Inc. to get started.

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