The Effects of Hard Water on Your Body

Keeping Employees Safe In A Warehouse Storage Area

If you just rented a warehouse to hold tools you will need to utilize for a contracting business, you will need to set up storage solutions in the area in a way where items are easily found to avoid wasting time. The way you place containers and shelving units in your warehouse inventory will need to be done in a way where employees are not at risk for injury. Here are some tips you can use to ensure that those who use the warehouse to search for tools and supplies needed are protected from getting hurt in the process. Read More 

Three Reasons Why You Should NOT Use HDPE Couplers With PVC Inner-Ducting Pipe

Inner-ducting is the process by which you make pipe interiors smaller by installing smaller pipes inside the larger ones. You may be wondering why anyone would do that, since all they would have to do is remove the larger pipes and replace them with smaller pipes, but there are several good reasons, certainly not the least of which is insulating the cables or wires that pass through the smaller conduits. Since you can use either PVC pipe or HDPE pipe, however, you should be very careful about which type of couplers you use to install the inner-ducting. Read More 

Two Reasons To Consider An Air Bearing Configuration For Your Drive Mechanisms

The more common option for drive mechanisms is often a mechanical configuration. However, popular doesn't necessarily mean more efficient. Mechanical configurations operate by a domino effect. Generally, power is delivered to the ball, causing it to rotate. Since all the moving parts come in contact with one another, as the ball rotates so do the other moving parts. Air bearing configurations are designed so that no two parts come in contact with one another. Read More 

Two Questions To Ask When Using A Rental Dumpster

The idea of a rental dumpster can bring a feeling of relief when you have to clean out a construction work site. A dumpster gives you one less thing to worry about, since the rental company is responsible for hauling the dumpster and its contents away; that gives you and your employees time to focus on other tasks. However, the following questions should be asked so everything can go well and you can avoid problems with the rental company. Read More 

Own A Warehouse? Go Green To Save Money And Help The Environment

If you own a warehouse, your monthly electric and water bills may be very large. If so, there are ways you can bring them down and one way is to go green. This not only helps you save money but is also better for the environment. Keep reading on ways you can do this at your warehouse. Install Energy Efficient Lighting Hire an electrician to replace all of your current lighting with industrial energy efficient lighting. Read More 

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The Effects of Hard Water on Your Body

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