The Effects of Hard Water on Your Body

Keeping Employees Safe In A Warehouse Storage Area

If you just rented a warehouse to hold tools you will need to utilize for a contracting business, you will need to set up storage solutions in the area in a way where items are easily found to avoid wasting time. The way you place containers and shelving units in your warehouse inventory will need to be done in a way where employees are not at risk for injury. Here are some tips you can use to ensure that those who use the warehouse to search for tools and supplies needed are protected from getting hurt in the process.

Stabilize Wheeled Carts With Bricks To Avoid Sliding Or Shifting

Many purchase carts with wheels to hold smaller items as they have several drawers available to separate like items into neat stacks. It is important to take the time to stabilize these carts from unfortunate rolling incidents. If wheels shift, an entire cart may topple over, leading to the potential for an injury as well as damage to the items enclosed inside. Consider using bricks to prop up against the wheels after placing carts in the warehouse. This will keep the containers from moving from your desired locations.

Use Clear Containers Or Open Fronts To Keep Items In View

Stacking containers upon each other is a wonderful way to save on space in a warehouse environment. It is important not to stack these enclosures too high or they will be at risk for toppling over when someone needs to access materials inside. Keep the stacks shorter than the height of your shortest employee to minimize injury risk.

One way to save someone the trouble in moving a container from the top of a stack to floor level to look inside, is by purchasing clear containers. Contents will be seen from afar, minimizing the need to sift through several containers as a result. Another idea is to cut a large hole in one side of each container so contents can be easily lifted out when needed.

Attach Shelving Units To Walls To Minimize Toppling Incidents

Shelving units can be placed along the walls of your warehouse to house many items without using a lot of space to do so. It is best to secure these units directly to the wall to eliminate the risk of them toppling over due to too much weight or an accidental bump. Hardware can be purchased from the shelving unit supplier. When placing items on units, it is best to put heavier items on the bottom shelves to keep the units from pulling away from the wall.

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The Effects of Hard Water on Your Body

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