The Effects of Hard Water on Your Body

Own A Warehouse? Go Green To Save Money And Help The Environment

If you own a warehouse, your monthly electric and water bills may be very large. If so, there are ways you can bring them down and one way is to go green. This not only helps you save money but is also better for the environment. Keep reading on ways you can do this at your warehouse.

Install Energy Efficient Lighting

Hire an electrician to replace all of your current lighting with industrial energy efficient lighting. Your older fixtures likely require frequent light bulb changes, and replacing these fixtures with much brighter and more efficient LED lighting is much greener. LED use approximately 75% less energy when compared to traditional compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), halogen, and incandescent. LEDs can also last three to 25 times longer than other bulbs.

LED high bay lights are designed for larger areas and taller ceilings. The light is focused more directly to create a strong illumination over a long range. This makes these lights perfect for your warehouse. These lights are suspended from the ceiling so you have the option of how low or high you hang them. You can also buy them as one large light that connects to the ceiling. Your electrician can help you choose the LED lighting system that will work best for you.

Reduce Energy Waste

One way a lot of energy is lost is to let trucks idle for long periods of time while at loading docks or in parking lots. Tell your drivers to turn off their trucks after a certain amount of time waiting, such as five minutes.

You also need to have procedures in place when it comes to opening and closing all loading dock doors. Leaving them open when they are not needed can increase your heating and cooling bills.

Make sure the warehouse and all of the offices are insulated properly. If you are not sure, hire a contractor to come to your warehouse and check this. Proper insulation will help keep your warehouse cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter because air will not escape from or into your building.

Install New Water Saving Fixtures

Many people and companies waste a lot of water in many ways. For example, they may leave the water on much too long when washing their hands or flush the commode more than one time. You can deal with this problem by installing water saving fixtures. For example, there are waterless urinals so no water is used at all. Motion detecting faucets work well, and dual flush toilets.

These are just some of the ways you can go green. Hire an energy expert to come to your warehouse to learn of many more ways. For more information on upgrading your electrical system to be more efficient, contact a company like Albarell Electric Inc.

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The Effects of Hard Water on Your Body

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