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Two Questions To Ask When Using A Rental Dumpster

The idea of a rental dumpster can bring a feeling of relief when you have to clean out a construction work site. A dumpster gives you one less thing to worry about, since the rental company is responsible for hauling the dumpster and its contents away; that gives you and your employees time to focus on other tasks. However, the following questions should be asked so everything can go well and you can avoid problems with the rental company.

What Waste is Acceptable for the Rental Dumpster?

One of the most important things to know about the rental dumpster when it arrives is what you are legally allowed to put in it. You might assume that the rental company accepts everything, but that is not the case, and you may face additional fees from the rental company if you put prohibited items into their dumpster. Some items on your work site that might not be accepted are:

  • Paint, varnish and paint thinner
  • Transmission fluid, oil and other vehicle fluids
  • Asbestos-containing items

Most other items are generally accepted, including drywall and concrete. You may want to ask for a list of items that aren't acceptable. Once you know for sure what can be in the rental dumpster and what cannot, ensure that all workers on site are aware of it.

It is also important that you know what kind of recycling you plan to do. If you have extra untreated lumber left over, for instance, make sure employees don't accidentally throw it into the dumpster. Designate a place on site for all recyclables in a different location than the dumpster.

How High Can Items Be Stacked?

In your effort to get rid of waste as soon as possible, you and your workers might throw things into the dumpster throughout the day. When you see that the top of the dumpster has almost been reached, you might hope you can fit a few more pieces on top so that you can avoid renting another dumpster.

That can be a mistake, as many rental companies have strict rules about how high items can be piled. The reason for these rules is that the driver must ensure a safe trip back to the facility, which is not easy to do if there are stray items peeking over the top of the dumpster that can easily fall into the road or a vehicle. The driver may refuse to take the dumpster until some things are removed. For that reason, before you put even one item into the dumpster, ask the driver where the limit is and ensure your employees adhere to it.

When you have the answer to these questions, have a meeting with your employees and explain everything to them so that the rental dumpster experience goes smoothly. Contact the rental company for more guidance. Check out websites like for more information.

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The Effects of Hard Water on Your Body

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