The Effects of Hard Water on Your Body

Developing Strong Products With Both Fashion And Function - Options In Steel Plate Finishes

The development of custom steel parts can be absolutely essential to a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing operations. However, these parts are only as effective as their care and maintenance, so it's important that you take proactive steps to encourage that. Selecting the right finish for your parts is one important step toward achieving that goal.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the options available in steel plate finishes. By having these suggestions in mind, you can design your steel plates to achieve the exact goals you had in mind while simultaneously working to craft a look that will make your products stand out for many years to come.


The most simple option in finishing your steel plates can also add a great deal of longevity to them. Painting a steel plate will be a significant step toward protecting it from rust and other common damage, and is also often a great way to make your plates appear shiny and new.

The most common method of painting a steel plate is powder coating. Electrically charged particles of pigment will be applied directly to your steel, and this charge will allow for a permanent bonding that should allow you to avoid having your steel plate repainted for a significant period of time.


If you have concerns about your steel plates being subjected to significant stresses, a galvanized finish may be the right choice. After being dipped in a liquid zinc bath, your plates will develop a rigid finish that is specifically designed to be resistant to scratches and dings as well as electrical interference.

Galvanized plates have an extremely long service life and should be lower maintenance than many other kinds of steel plates. Galvanization also doesn't necessarily mean that the plate can't later be painted as well, providing you with another protective option that could truly double down on the strength of your steel.

Mechanical Finishing

Once a steel plate has been fabricated and then cut down to a specified size, it's likely to have some rough edges and jagged corners. If your steel plates will often be exposed to contact from your labor force, it's important that you take steps to reduce the potential hazards from these dangerous spots. Choosing to have your plates mechanically finished will allow for the corners and edges to be gently and smoothly rounded off, and the finished product should allow for frequent contact with little to no risk.

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The Effects of Hard Water on Your Body

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