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Express Your Passion And Protect Your Investment - Maintaining Your DJ Equipment

The exploding popularity of electronic dance music and the the increased cultural focus on talented and charismatic disc jockeys has led many people to branch out and begin exploring ways that they can express themselves through music. If you've recently acquired your first set of DJ equipment and you're looking to make a mark on the music scene, it's important that you take steps to guarantee your performances stay top notch.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take to maintain your DJ equipment. Following these suggestions can help guarantee that you produce pure sound that will thrill crowds, allowing you to express yourself as openly and excitedly as possible.


As with many other kinds of electrical equipment, maintaining a clean exterior is an important step in making sure contaminants don't interfere with delicate interior components. After each performance, you should be sure to wipe any dirt and dust off of the surface of your computer and control boards. You should also consider carrying a can of compressed air for a deeper clean out.

One potential dirt risk that you may not have considered exists on the ends of your stereo cables. Transport, installation, and high traffic areas can cause contamination to be kicked up and land on the ends of your audio jacks, creating a serious risk of compromised audio quality. Be sure to monitor those cables and wipe them clean.


When you buy your first set of DJ equipment, you may scoff at the cost involved in purchasing specialized cases with hinged covers designed to provide full protection from accidental contact. However, you'll also notice that successful professional DJs don't travel without those cases, as they do offer a large amount of protective value.

You should also be aware of the risk of scratches and puncture injuries for your speakers as well. Transportation is difficult for even the most careful DJs, so covering your speakers in sheets and thick blankets to provide a layer of cushioning should offer you some relief.

Professional Maintenance

When you begin to notice decreased performance or potential electrical faults, the temptation to open up your sound boards and attempt to fix the problem yourself can be high. However, unless you have extensive experience in working with complex electronics, the odds are good that you'll end up causing more damage than you ultimately are able to fix. Seeking out a professional equipment repair service is the best and most cost efficient way to get your equipment back up to your standards. Contact a company like Metro Sound & Lighting for more information.

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The Effects of Hard Water on Your Body

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