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Signs That A Refrigerator Air Compressor Is In Need Of Attention

Does food spoil fast in your commercial refrigerator, and it is causing you to spend over the grocery budget that you have set for your restaurant? The culprit of the cooling problem may be the air compressor in your refrigerator. Find out below about signs that point to a failing refrigerator compressor and how much it might cost to get repaired.

The Circuit Breakers in Your Restaurant Trip a Lot

If the circuit breakers that are responsible for powering up the outlet that the refrigerator is plugged into trip consistently, it is a sign that something may be overheating. The motor fan inside of the refrigerator air compressor compartment may be worn out. If the motor stalls, it is likely preventing the air compressor from staying cool. A suspected stalling motor requires a prompt inspection, because your restaurant could be at risk of burning down, which is why the circuit breakers are tripping and trying to warn you.

You Hear a Continuously Running Air Compressor

If you always hear your refrigerator making sounds, it is likely the fan and motor in the air compressor compartment. It is actually not normal for an air compressor to continuously run in a refrigerator. Basically, the compressor should only run during periodic moments to keep the inside of the refrigerator at the temperature you have set the thermostat. If the air compressor never turns off, it is because it is trying hard to cool off your refrigerator but can never get it to the right temperature. You may need to get the fan, motor or entire air compressor replaced to resolve the problem.

There is a Burning Odor Coming from the Refrigerator

If you smell even a slight burning odor coming from the refrigerator, it is a good idea to unplug it from the outlet. The odor may be the result of your air compressor going out and now it is getting hot. You won't feel any cool air in the refrigerator at all when the air compressor burns out. Hire a professional to install a new air compressor so the refrigerator can start keeping your food cool as it should.

What You Can Expect a Professional Repair to Cost

Getting the parts needed for the repair like a new fan, motor or complete air compressor can cost over $140. Labor can bring the price up by an extra $130. You should prepare to spend over $300 for a professional to repair your refrigerator. Get the air compressor in your refrigerator repaired before it gets too hot and sparks up a flame in your restaurant!  

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