The Effects of Hard Water on Your Body

Spray-Applied Polyurethane Roofing Membrane: An Introduction For Industrial Business Owners

As the owner of an industrial business, you already contend with worrisome problems, such as water being where it shouldn't be as a result of a leaking roof. Leaking water from the roof, even in smaller quantities, can cause costly structural damage, create catastrophic problems with equipment and machinery, and loss of materials and inventory or product. Roofing repairs aren't as simple in an industrial setting because the architectural design can be so variant and complex, but working with an industrial waterproofing expert to obtain a layer of spray-applied polyurethane on your business roof is a good idea.

What is spray-applied polyurethane roofing membrane?

Spray-applied polyurethane roofing membrane is a coating material that starts in liquid form so it can be evenly sprayed onto variant surfaces and then dries to solid, rubberized-type membrane that provides absolute water protection. The membrane is fully bonded, without seams where moisture could still gain access to the roof. The material is applied over an existing roof to create a tight seal that will stop leaks completely and create a seal for the top of your building from the elements. 

What are the primary advantages of having a polyurethane roofing membrane applied?

The main advantage is, of course, the waterproofing properties of the polyurethane roofing membrane. However, the advantages of choosing this waterproofing method for your industrial business go far beyond just the waterproofing capabilities of the material. You will get the advantage of:

  • fast application at an affordable price because there is only a short curing time required.
  • no removal required of the existing roofing material because the membrane adheres to pretty much every type of roof.
  • a highly flexible roof covering that will ward off UV rays and prevent heat transfer.
  • skylights and other roofing features can be seamlessly integrated with the polyurethane coating. 

What does the polyurethane roofing membrane look like?

Polyurethane roofing membrane can come in an array of different forms, but the spray-applied membrane will most often be black, grey, or white in color and have a foamy consistency before it dries. As the membrane cures, the foamy look will become more leveled out and flat like a sheet of rubber that has been formed to fit the roof. From the ground, the roof will look like it has basically just changed color and not shape because the material is not so thick that it inhibits an even appearance of a roof.

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The Effects of Hard Water on Your Body

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