The Effects of Hard Water on Your Body

Four Steps to Take Before Installing a Septic Tank System

When you purchase a home on a septic tank system, you likely know that you will have to have routine draining of the system done. You may also know that repair or replacement of the septic system may also need to be done. If you are facing a full on replacement of your homes septic system, due to age or damage, there are a few steps you should take before scheduling an install.

Type of Septic Tank

The first thing you need to do is try to figure out what type of septic tank you want. There are three types of septic tank systems to choose from. The first is the traditional gravity style. The waste is moved through a pipe from your house, down an incline, and into the septic tank. It is traditional, common, and easy to have installed. The second option is pressure distribution. This style will be mentioned to you if you are in a location where the gravel and sand is not suitable for a traditional gravity system. The pressure distribution system uses a pump to pressurize the system and move the waste to a trenched drainfield. The third type is an advanced treatment system. This system cleans the wastewater and then moves it through the tank.

Size of Septic Tank

Once you have decided what type of septic tank you would like to have, the size of the tank should be considered. You may find that the septic tank you are replacing was put in place when the house was new. This means that there may have been fewer people living in the home, fewer rooms on the house, and overtime these two numbers grew. With the added pressure on the septic system, you may have been lead to having the tank replaced. Consider the number of people, amount of water, and the amount of waste that will be going through the septic tank each day. It is better to go with a larger model than risk a smaller model not accommodating your household and overflowing easily or backing up.


The location of the septic tank should also be considered. You may think this is an easy question, but sometimes the location of the old tank is not suitable for a new tank. This can be due to new city regulations, placement rules, or erosion of the area. Consider an alternative location before you speak to your technician on a consultation.

City Regulations

The final step to take before contacting a technician is to make sure you know the city regulations for placing a new septic tank. Although most technicians will know the area regulations, knowing them yourself is an added protection if something goes wrong. Make sure you have any permits and approvals before starting the replacement.

Once you have taken these steps, you can call a local septic tank technician and set up a consultation. You will have most of the answers you need and know what you are looking for in regards to a new septic tank. You will also be better prepared for certain fees, that otherwise you may not have known existed.

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The Effects of Hard Water on Your Body

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